Selling my home myself? Is this a good idea?

Plenty of time is needed, organisational skills, patience, and a certain amount of determination, to see the selling process through. If you possess these qualities, and are willing to learn along the way, then cancel the estate agent, and save some money. However, if the thought of doing everything, worries you, and you are filled with uncertainty, hire a professional.



  • Money saving expert exercise – estate agent’s fees, can claim up to 2.0 percent and more of the value of your property. You could save £5,000 on the value of a £200,000 property.
  • There will be no third party involved. You will be going solo, and in charge of everything yourself. No estate agent to contend with, who has a self interest and fee to gain from a sale.


  • Estate agents are professionals, and have an in depth knowledge of the local housing market. You may loose money, by either underpricing your house or overpricing your property, or in the end having no takers, and no sale.
  • You must organise, plan and be present at viewings yourself. These are time consuming, and may cause difficulties, if you are working.
  • You must market your property, and this will require spending money. Unfortunately, you are a stranger to this, and you have not got access to estate agents’ networks, or able to use marketing channels they use daily.
  • To sell your own home yourself, you must possess, good negotiating skills in order not to loose money, and to get a good price from the buyer for your property.

How to sell your home – Top tips from the experts

When you have definitely, decided to sell your own property yourself,the following tips, may help you reach your goal of a property sale.

  • Seasonal selling – The best times, to sell your property are in spring and summer. These seasons, realise a higher price sale.
  • Estate Agent – Get estimates, from two or three different estate agents, to value your property, on the pretence, that you will be using them
  • Good photographs – are a must to ‘wow’ potential buyers.
  • Check out, houses similar to yours, that have been recently sold on the market. Several links, are listed for your attention at the end of this article to help you find out local property prices.
  • Measure up correctly! Accurate measurements of the property need to be produced and taken seriously. Misrepresentation, is a suable offence. If you are not confident to do this, employ a surveyor.
  • Viewings, should be whenever, it suits potential buyers.
  • Allow for negotiation, set your asking price up to 10 percent above what you expect to get.
  • A complete list of fixtures and fittings, to present to a buyer is desirable, so they know what they will get.
  • Use a temporary e-mail address, so this can be used all over the web. Spam, will be reduced, and your selling process will be organised.
  • Unnecessary and repetitive questions, during viewings should be avoided. maybe, use a property information form, similar to the one the Law society produce.
  • Energy Performance certificate – This is a legal requirement. It contains information, regarding energy use, and cost for your home, and how to reduce consumption. The cost is probably, £80.00 or thereabouts.
  • If you don’t go ‘solo’ and if things don’t work out after a few months, and you haven’t sold your house. It is not defeat, to search for a reputable estate agent. They are the professionals, with years of knowledge and an experience in marketing, and negotiating skills, to perform a sale. This will also ease the pressure on you.

How to market your home – 5 Top tips

  • Local newspapers – are still a good way of highlighting property for sale.
  • A quality ‘For Sale’ sign is a good investment. They only cost about £50.00. You may reap the benefits, making your property stand out to potential buyers.
  • Internet advertising – Get your home, on the free internet listings. Spend some money on a quality online estate agent, who will list your home on a number of sites. Prices, for this service, range from £250.00 to 0.5 percent of the value of the property.
  • Flyers- or a leaflet drop, is a good way to get your property noticed. Displaying leaflets in shops, and posting through local letterboxes.
  • Open Day – Organise a viewing day of your property. Invite potential buyers round, to see your home, Planning a schedule around your time.


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