Quick House Sale In Dundee

As Scotland’s 4th largest city with a popular coastal location and hundreds of years of history, Dundee is a prime location for Scottish house buyers. The city of Dundee offers attractively priced housing options; many houses for sale are on the market at lower than the Scottish national average. A flat in Dundee is likely to cost around £90,000 and a detached house will set you back over £220,000. House prices in Dundee are increasing quicker than the national average, making the area popular with property investors.

With a rising market, current homeowners in Dundee will find it easier than ever to sell house fast in Scotland.

Why Sell Fast In Dundee?

Here’s the scenario we’re all dreaming of: you put your house for sale with a traditional estate agent, you get inundated with interested buyers which leads to a bidding war, and consequently the value of your property soars and sells for way over the asking price. In an ideal world, we’d all be lucky enough to experience such a situation. The reality is less appealing: selling a house is hard. You’ve got competition from other houses in your area and these days people just aren’t buying many houses. The rental market is much more buoyant, with many people choosing to rent because they either cannot afford to purchase or prefer not to risk a market plagued with fluctuating costs.

Selling fast, be it by using an agent or optimising your property for sale on the open market, will minimise your marketing costs and help you move on to a new Dundee home quickly and with the minimum amount of stress.

Quick House Sale Concerns

To solve the woes of house selling, an abundance of professional property buyers and brokers have flooded the market; these companies will find cash buyers for your house, be it in Dundee or anywhere else in the UK. It sounds great, but surely it can’t be that easy? Quick house sales have been covered frequently in the British media with respected publications such as The Guardian weighing in on the discussion. Like with all financial industries, certain bogus companies created some bad press for fast sale sites and some have been investigated by the Office of Fair Trading. Does this mean that all quick house sale companies are running scams? Not at all. If you examine any business type, from butcher to banker, you will find a small percentage of rogue companies that treat their customers poorly, break laws and elicit a stream of bad publicity.

Problems have arisen with some quick sale companies that do not honour their originally agreed price or levy additional fees that sellers were not aware of. If you decide to sell your Dundee home to a quick house sale provider directly or via a third party, ensure you take the time to read all legal documentation thoroughly before singing agreements. It is also advisable to take legal advise from a professional solicitor or lawyer when dealing with the sale of a house.

Make Your Home Sell Fast

Of course, there are many ways to aid the quick sale of your house in Dundee that don’t require anything other than a traditional estate agent and a bit of know-how. Firstly, take advantage of the resources available online; there are thousands of tips and ideas for selling your home quickly on respected websites. RightMove has a popular video providing house sale tips and many UK estate agents offer useful information packs and guides. Turn to the television for inspiration and watch some property-related programming such as Escape To The Country or Homes Under The Hammer. While these programmes may not directly deal with the issue of selling a Dundee house quickly, they will expose you to many houses for sale.  Think about the things you like about the homes they show: are they tidy, do they have neutral colour schemes, is it somewhere you’d like to live?

Quick Sale Alternatives

If, for whatever reason, you find your home has been sat on the market for a long time without receiving an offer you are able to accept, there are alternatives available that will let you move on with your life. The most obvious is rental; you can move out of your home and rent it out while it remains on the market. You and your family can then either move into a different rental property in your desired location or take out a mortgage to finance the purchase of a new home. It may be possible to re-mortgage your existing home to make finance available for a new sale, and banks will take rental income into account when assessing your finances.

However you decide to market and sell your Dundee house, make sure you find a solution that suits your needs and the needs of the other members of your household, allowing your family to move on and start new memories in a new home.

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